Sunday, 4 May 2014

I love Spring in my garden

It's been an early spring this year and my garden is full of flowers and new growth.  It's my favourite time of year.  Here's my garden as I walked round it today.



A wonderful fern

Beautiful welcome to my greenhouse

Geraniums growing on from micro plugs soon to fill the garden

Oregano grown from seed and geranium cuttings.  It smells wonderful.

Tomatoes nearly ready to plant into final position

Apple blossom

My favourite woodland area

A hidden jewel

Wool discarded from my spinning given to the birds for nest making

Honesty forming its wonderful head pods.

Wisteria beginning to flower.  These flowers can reach 1meter!


Close up Aqualegia
It's been a great day.  I mowed the lawn and edged it and enjoyed lunch in it too.  Work and play, but at all times enjoyment. Thats what gardens are for.

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