Wednesday, 19 March 2014

It's been a year since I got my allotment

Well it's been a year this week since I got my allotment and a lot has changed!

My allotment March 2013

There is still a bit of land to dig over the the last half of the old compost heap to spread over the plot but I shall do that in stages.  I hope to use the beds I have to their maximum use this year and fully finish all the digging ready for next year.  The worst of the weeds are covered in black plastic to kill them off over the summer as this worked really well last year.
Allotment March 2014 with raised beds, dug beds and a shed!

Over the weekend I got the last of the beds dug over ready for the new season after having had broccoli in it all summer and winter and an old raspberry plant that didn't produce decent fruit.

Today I have planted 10 very early salad potatoes.  We don't like potato too much but we absolutely adore new potatoes with a salad either just boiled or as potato salad ..... I can taste it now!  Roll on the long summer days and BBQ's.

I also weeded the spring cabbages (if you can call them that after the slugs had their full when newly planted) and leeks.

I have also managed to replace the add load of sticks I had found on the site holding the mesh up for two hoops making it a lot tidier.

I have also sown a square metre of flax seed to make linen with just as something to play about with as I love to spin and have made a jumper from raw Gotland wool so going that one step more and growing the flax seems a wonderful idea.

Roll on the end of March when I shall be sowing and planting with ernest.

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