Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Allotment Shed

My longed for shed has at last been delivered after a summer of waiting for a pause in Hubbies work schedule to help me construct it.  I spent most of the day in the wind and rain at the allotment not knowing when it would be delivered.  Luckily when it arrived the rain had stopped and the sun was out though it was still blowing a gale.
After waiting in the allotment all day my shed
eventually arrived mid afternoon.
With careful driving the delivery men were able to
get my shed sections really near my patch.

Ready to go but ...... must answer emails first!
 Wind blowing hard. Pete's beard is nearly horizontal!

The first join and the beginning of the hard work

Me painting hard. The panels were blowing over and the wind was whipping the paint from the brush!

The vertical building has begun and Pete has decided to become Chad!

Pete joining the sections

It can stand on its own.... so long as the wind doesn't blow too hard!

Pete doing manly things!

Doors on!
Roof on and putting the glass in and even a coat hook.

The beginnings of my tool collection.

The all important chairs for a well earned rest. Got the inside to paint yet.

What IS Pete doing?!

The back

All finished on the outside.


  1. Nice looking shed , I love the colours. Good to see an amusing post too.

  2. Thank you. I love the colours too. They blend in well with the background.