Sunday, 6 October 2013

Early Autumn jewels

As the season turns surprisingly slowly to autumn this year my garden is loosing it's overall beauty but with just a little observation many wonderful sights can still be seen.  There is nothing better than pottering about finding delights at every turn.

My backdoor foot scraper hiding in the mind your own business.

Courtyard colour

This twinkles with the suns rays as they catch it in the afternoon

The bees are still busy

The sedum is doing extremely well this year

Garlic chives gone mad with an autumn fling!

Bay tree buds

Allium seed pod.  I really don't remember planting this but it reaches 6ft every year!

Autumn crocuses amongst the pansies

Can't remember the name of this plant but it's beautiful all the same.

White Autumn crocus

Callicarpa close up.  They are hairy berries - very wierd.

Callicarpa in all its glory.  Such a treat in the early autumn.

More white autumn crocus

Wonderfully striking Lobelia

The leeks I left from last winter. I will soon have loads of seeds for next year and pretty heads for the frost to fall on.

Autumn raspberries for my tea.

A newly cleared patch clawed back from the ivy filled with bulbs for year round interest.

The prize of my garden at the moment a waterlily autumn crocus.

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