Thursday, 12 September 2013

My allotment over the summer

I have been really buy over the wonderful summer watering my crops and digging out weeds in a couple of beds in my garden and tending crops.  Now the autumn has suddenly hit - it was 28c last week! - I have different things to do but before I start I want to show you what I have been up to in my allotment since the last blog ending my new purchase yesterday at the bottom.

Go on holiday for a week and I have giants invading! I am really please with the onions.  I grew them from seed two years ago but they only made pickling onions and sets in my shaded garden but this year in the sunshine of my allotment they have grown huge.

The largest beetroot I have ever seen!  It actually cooked beautifully and wasn't woody at all.
Some more of my beetroot.  I have never been able to grow beetroots before in my garden - lots of leaves which are great for salad but no roots.  The allotment is paying off :)

My beetroot all vacuum packed and ready for the Sous Vide.  They freeze well in these bags and are actually easy to separate after.

More of my harvest just 2 days after.

Statice plants ot attract the bees with my courgette plants behind and my runner bean plants hiding behind those!

My broccoli plants have grown too big for their covers but it still keeps the pesky pigeons off.

The last of my beetroot fattening up.

My allotment yesterday.  One new HotBox compost bin - fill to the brim with weed tops and mess of my inherited compost pile to the right.  I have just begun digging where the onions and beetroot were over the summer to plant spring cabbages and leeks.

On the right where the black plastic has been killing the weeds all summer will be laid with paving stones ready to house my shed.  Exciting times!

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