Monday, 15 July 2013

Harvesting and watering!

Today I went down the allotment to water my veg and to see if any veg was ready.  I seem to have done OK with 2 medium courgettes and loads more on the way.  Take note Pete, prepare for a glut!

This is todays harvest.  Yummy dinner for me today.

To prove Pete has been down the allotment.  He only comes when I don't have a spade in my hand!!

My Broccoli growing like mad.  The envionmesh is to stop the pigeons helping them selves.  

My tiny plot of mixed veg.  In the centre I have just sowed some french beans

The courgettes last Friday.  They are almost double that size now and I have harvested the above 2 courgettes already! In the foreground I have sowed some runner beans a week ago which today have already got two leaves.

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