Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My allotment progress 17 June 2013

I managed to dig up another patch of weeds left over from the previous holder and have got my courgette plants in.  After I dug out the weeds I dug a large hole for each and filled them with nettle tops. I have plenty of those growing round the old compost heap!  I then topped them up with compost and planted a plant in each hole.  I have also made a wall around each to stop the water running away when I water them as they like plenty of food and tons of water.  The dull humid air today should be just right to get them started.

The iceburg lettuces were all growing in clumps so after weeding I carefully dug some up and transplanted some.  I hope they continue to grow.

The beetroot is doing well and the radishes have gone mad!

I have got loads to take home.  Radish is one of my favourite veg but I have never been successful growing it in my garden.  It's supposed to be easy to grow too!

This one is the daddy of all radish!  It had gone woody unfortunately but it is still the biggest radish I have ever seen.

The onion sets are really liking the open ground of the allotment and are growing nicely.  Next week, when the days start to shorten is when the bulbs start to form.  Hopefully I will get more than the pickled onion sized onions I get from growing them in my garden.

The broccoli is growing well too.  It is protected from the pesky pigeons that hover around the allotment sight in the evening waiting for everyone to go home so they can munch on the cabbages and broccoli. 

 Growing out the side of the old compost heap is a comfrey plant.  As you can see the bees are loving it.  Even when I brushed into it they refused to move!

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