Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Late spring garden 8 June 2013

Well this is my garden in the first week of June .  My wonderful Clematis called Diamontina is out in all its splender.  The flowers are MASSIVE and are so beautiful.  It's just a pity it's not bee friendly being a double.

My alliums are out now and as you can see the bees love these!

Not a very good photo but tjis is the best my Vibernum Snowball has ever been so I thought I would add it anyway.

I now have 21 tomato plants in my green house.  Just as well i love tomatoes.

Now the weather is warmer I have planted out my runner beans.  They were dying to be released from their pots.  I decided to leave the lettuce in as it had struggled through from last years sowing!  The chinese leaves, in the foreground, which I planted a couple of weeks ago are doing well too.

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