Sunday, 21 April 2013

I've actually planted something!

Today  I got the first bit of ground that I had dug over previously in my allotment, forked through, de-weeded, raked and I even planted something!

 I had previously sown some onions from seed and they had made onion sets last year. They have been growing nicely  in seed trays and I planted out in the newly prepared ground where I found the potatoes last time I dug there. It is a really sunny site so hopefully they will grow a lot better in my allotment than they had in my shaded garden.
 My inherited rhubarb is growing great guns in the sunshine.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks we shall be able to sample some. Every time I go down the allotment I weed over the ground around the plants. No doubt it will take many years to get rid of all the weeds busily growing around them.
While I was at the allotment today I was given a wheel barrow that was going spare!  It was really nice to be offered it.  There is a nice community spirit there.  I had to lock it to my compost heap though because people get in and acquire things if left around.  I left my watering can there too to save me having to remember it next time.

I think very soon I am going to have to get myself a shed to put all my tools etc in.  There is only so much I can lock to my compost heap!!

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