Sunday, 7 April 2013

Digging and sowing and new shoots

The weather has be wonderful today. It has been 10c and sunny for the third day in a row!!  After the long long winter this year it really has been nice to be out. I spent the whole afternoon digging the rhubarb bed on my allotment. I at last have managed to get rid of the mass of couch grass straggling the rhubarb plants.  With the recent dry weather the ground has dried and I was even able to rake it afterwards!

I also recovered the ground that I am leaving uncultivated as the wind has blown the flimsey plastic off.  This time I have used the heavier woven plastic that I had but remembered the scissors to cut it this time!  I have also covered it with clods of earth to hold it down.  Hopefully it will stay in place this time.

I decided where to put my shed today and I also covered that area in the remaining plastic to kill the weeds whilst I get the shed ordered.

I found the new shoots on the raspberry plants just coming through.  I'm looking forward to tasting them in the months to come.

When I got home I sowed my flowering plants in line with the moon.  I have sowed some sweetpeas called Gwendoline, Autumn Broccoli, a white cosmos called Purity, tagetes called Golden gem and Monarda Bergamo - a new on for me it has dark pink flowers on long stems and is attractive to butterflies and bees.

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