Monday, 29 April 2013

A Pond on my allotment!

Today I added a pond to my allotment.  There is a vast field of allotments containing mainly bare earth and vegetables but no one seems to have supplied the obvious, a pond for the wildlife to drink from.  The insects that is attracted by a pond help enormously with the welfare of the plants.  Well I have changed things and now I hope many of the others will follow my lead.  Soon I will get some plants planted around it.  Once the water has aged a little I will add the watercress that I bought at the weekend.  Soon I will be enjoying egg and watercress sandwiches!

Last week I popped down and sowed some radish and beetroot and spring and welsh onions in the ground I prepared. I have not had success with any of theses in my garden and neither has my friend who lives the other side of town. Maybe a sunny site will allow these veg to flourish.  We shall see.

The rhubarb has grown even more and is very nearly ready for harvest. It is amazing how quickly it has grown especially as it has only been 6 weeks since I first got my allotment and there was barely a sign of it then.

The potatoes which I found on my plot are very tasty.  They are a firm creamy potato with lots of taste.  Lovely.

 My raspberries are growing well and every time I go to the allotment I have been trowelling the soil around them to keep the ground weed free.

Hopefully soon I will plant some of the flower plants I have been raising from seed to attract pollinating insects to my plot.

Back in my green house at home I have broccoli, and beetroot seedlings growing and peas nearly ready to plant out.

Spring time in the garden is busy busy busy!

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