Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I have at last sown my tomatoes!

Today at last I have got my tomatoes sown.  Mind you, with all this very cold weather it may be just as well that I have waited so long.  Our house had been in turmoil since we got back from India as the conservatory has been cleaned and oiled and then Hubby's office was re-roofed and then stripped and relined and decorated so at times I have not actually been able to get into the garden!  Now things are beginning to get back to normal and the moon calender says its a good time to sow them, they are in!

I have sown the wonderfully tasty but small Sungold, it's larger sister Sungella, the early cropping stripey Tigerella, a variety from the Heritage seed library called Joe Atkinson which produces large juicy fruit and lastly seeds from an envelope labelled " Tomato orange cookers 2009 Excellent"  so we shall see how they turn out!

I still haven't been able to get back to my allotment but hopefully I should be able to get there before the end of the weekend as I have a wonderful new bronze spade to try out but with all the snow and frozen ground I haven't been able to try it.

Come on Sun,  We need you.  Bye bye snow and freezing weather, its nearly Easter and spring hasn't started yet!

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