Friday, 29 March 2013

Heavy digging and potatoes!

Today I got back down to my allotment and after a week and a half away on a course and a busy time at home.  I set to with a quick trowel over of the soils I had dug round the raspberries and rhubarb last time and found more weeds that I had missed last time.  I then de decided to start a new patch in order to prepare it for a crop of something later this year.  There was an old square shape about 2m x 2m so I decided that would be just right to dog with my new spade.  Just after I started I found a potato!  Then after another couple of spades of soil lots of potatoes!

 I decided to change to my fork to reduce the damage to them and over almost all the square I found bright red potatoes and then long finger sized potatoes. Does anyone know what variety they are?

 It was a nice surprise but I didn't get to use my new spade very much! but I managed to get the area dug at least.  Next time I will re-dig it and get the grass out of it.  I may even get it levelled and ready for planting something in it.

When I got home and had washed off the potatoes I got in the hot tub with hubby.  Now I feel completely relaxed and unable to to anything.  Indian takeaway for dinner tonight wit a glass of wine is all I'm up to!

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