Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Busy Day

A Busy Day 

Well today has certainly been busy.  I started off harvesting all the last tomatoes, chillies  cucumbers and turks head squash in the greenhouse in the greenhouse to get ready for bringing the pot plants inside before the weather got cold. 
 I set to and cleared all the tomato pots out and with a trowel weeded the earth.  Next with a cloth and soapy water and made one side of the green house clean.  Then I turned to see the cluttered mess and weeds and dirty windows under the staging on the other side and the realisation dawned that I really did have to clear out that side as well.

Having decided to take the plunge I removed all the plants off and put them on the newly cleared space.  The only trouble is moving a full length block of staging is tricky.  Luckily I had the bright idea of pushing an end out of the door so I could get round the other end.

Once all the plants had been placed back on the staging I then had to clear the accumulated mess on the other side.  SPIDERS!!!! Huge great big black one came creeping out from every crevis.  I think they must like the warmth or something because they were the biggest spiders I have ever seen.  Being VERY brave I got rid of them using long sticks.  They really didn't want to leave and refused to let go despite a lot of tapping!

Once this side was also cleared, weeded and cleaned at last the time had come to bring in all the  tender plants before the frosts that are due any day now.  I finished just as it was getting the sun was setting.

The last thing to do was to plant out a block of lettuces in the planter that had held my cucumbers  enriched with a top dressing of compost ready for a few weeks of salad in the short days of winter.  It was a day well spent and long over due.  

On the way back to the house I even managed to find some ripe strawberries and a few raspberries to enjoy helped to ripeness by the hot sun just a couple of weeks ago!

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