Saturday, 3 September 2011

Help I cant get into my greenhouse!

The triffids are filling my greenhouse doorway!

The chard is growing very well and tastes wonderful in loads of dishes.  The mange-toot is the 2nd batch and has given us loads of  really crunchy pods.  The sweetcorn is less successful, It may end up in a stir-fry! And lettuce was over picked too young but hay ho it tasted nice.

We have had SO much parsley out of this pot.  It's one plant I can grow well.

The kale has replaced the garlic and onions and the leeks are beginning to fatten for the new year.

This is the first time I have grown horseradish.  Going by the leaves there should be a nice root later in the year.

Chillis and oregano growing

This is a turks head squash plant i grew from a squash I got in an organic veg box

SO many tomatoes this year.  I have a kitchen full and still they grow.  They obviously like being crammed in together and not fed much.  Must do this again next year!

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