Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Salad days are here!

Today is really warm and sunny in the garden reaching 23C, the hottest day of the year!  I picked myself a wonderful garden salad with baby salad leaves, radish thinning leaves coriander leaves, English mace, parsley, baby beet leaves from last years beetroots, chickweed, ground elder, mint and lemon basil.

Today is a fruit sowing day so I sowed mangetout, cauliflower, french beans and aubergine.My garden is growing like mad and lots of things are about to flower.  This is the red currant that I planted this year.  It has grown like mad helped by the big sack of oak leaf mould I had left there until it rotted!
The Black currant has also burst into bloom.  Last year I put a net round the bush and managed to get lots of meals off the one plant, sorry birds :(
The lettuce is growing well under the cloche

My strawberries are coming into bud and the raspberries that I planted between them are growing well.

The blueberries are all potted up in ericeous soil and there are yet more lettuces under cloches.

The garlic are growing well having been protected from the birds when first planted

I have managed to get several meals from the spinach and beetroot I didn't harvest Last year as they burst into growth again this year.  As the other veg comes into use I will compost these and use the ground for something else but until then they are very useful.

 The greenhouse is getting pretty full at the moment as the veg has been potted up.  The tomatoes are doing really well this year - moon planting is working wonders!
Here are carrots, last years parsley, new parsley for this year, salad leaves and chickweed for salad
 Look what happens when you leave the weeds to grow - beautiful forget me nots

......and a dandelion too!

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