Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Libra Full moon a Flower day

 I got back in the garden again today!  Things have been busy growing so much behind my back!

I have managed to get the broad beans and mange tout planted out as they were over taking my cold frame.  As you can see the beets and spinach from last year are giving us several leaves for salad and stir fry until this years are up and away.
 These are the acer seeds the "fell" in my pocket from gardens and arboretums I visited in the autumn!!  They are all coming up fast.  I think I will need a field to plant them in.  I already have 10 acers in my garden.... surely there is room for more!
 The Blueberries are all in flower and the leaves are a beautiful lime green.  The poor plant on the right is a bit slow bit with some TLC lets hope it will catch up. It has the most flowers on it for sure.

The strawberries and raspberries are filling their space and the strawberries are coming into flower.
 The bramley apple tree has loads of flowers on it this year and the bees are very busy visiting each flower so lets hope for a bumper crop this year.

Below the apple tree are the first early potatoes in pots that I planted out last week.

 These are some wonderful tulips that I found in the Hilliers magazine last autumn.  They said they are resilient and beautiful.  They certainly are.
As always at this time of year my weeds are a riot of colour.  They are so beautiful - how can anyone call them weeds?

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