Friday, 25 March 2011

"4 March 2011

This is my first Rhubarb of the year.  I made it into a crumble for pudding - yum.

I also transplanted some flower seedlings, re-weeded the ground where the ground elder is as the missed bits were coming up again , and started the long job of getting rid of the dead bits of blackberry plant.  I also pulled up 2 dead wood shrubs and removed the dead honeysuckle from i my flowering cherry - busy busy busy!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fattening moon, back to fruit

Yesterday I had a mad fling in the garden again.I got the redcurrant bush planted and pruned the gooseberry bush potted up some seedlings sowed a load of tomatoes and chillies and weeded behind the greenhouse.    
 I used my WONDERFUL new trowel that my daughter gave me for xmas.  It is amazing and literally glides through the soil.  It is made of copper and is supposed to be good for the soil and keep slugs away.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

End of February

Well hasn't time flown?!  I have been in the garden a few times between the rain since my last blog and taken some photos but it seems to have got very wintery again.  My seeds are coming up and just today I have sown my first tomatoes and chillis.  They are now tucked up in my conservatory away from the cold.

I found lots of foxglove plants in a pot of clematis and cleared a patch in my woodland area for them.  They all seem to be growing really well

 My seedling nastursums and calendula are up and will soon need potting on.

My Watercress that I rescued from the matting on the bench is trying to get back there again!  Hopefully it wont be long before we are enjoying egg and watercress sandwiches.

  This is the area of ground that was FULL of ground elder.  I'm going to grow ornamental veg in it this year and give it another good dig over in the autumn to try and get rid of it - hears hoping!