Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday 3 Feb 2011 Root time

Well here it is the start of my veg gardening for 2011.  

This is my Water cress which I have rescued from the staging matting and potted up in its rightful pot!  It grew like mad last year - lets hope it does the same again.

My Garlic are in.  I have covered them with some very old row covers i was given by an old lady I gardened for years ago.  They are wonderful at keeping the birds off the bulbs and stopping the cats digging.

 These are my leeks and welsh onions and onions. I hope I have sown them early enough.  I know some people who sow them on Boxing day!

 Here are my very first carrots of the year in a very tall pot.  Oooo I can taste them now!
This is my first Plum tree.  It is Opal variety on a small rootstock.  I will have to move some plants out of my garden to find room for it!

Lastly is my new cherry tree.  Again a first for me.  It is Sweetheart variety eating cherry.

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