Monday, 14 February 2011

14 Feb fattening moon Flower time

I have managed to get out into the garden again today, quick before it rains again  and the frost comes back!
My Radish that I planted 10 days ago
 is coming up fast! I've never had any
success with this supposedly easy veg
so here's hoping!

Love in the mist and Calendula sowed today
I hope some of the love in the mist can be used at my daughters wedding as she just loves them

My Daphne is in full bloom in the courtyard.
It smalls WONDERFUL!

Last years  bulbs are about to bloom again 

My Christmas Roses are out in flower too.

including the black ones

I also managed to make a start finding the strawberry plants under all the dead leaves and weeds.  Looking forward to yummy June!

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